Jordan Spieth  - Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images
Jordan Spieth – Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Jordan Spieth is the golf world’s current phenom. At age 21, he’s the youngest person to have won both the Masters and the US Open grand slam tournaments in the same year.

Heading into the British Open, the third grand slam tournament of the year, Jordan was asked by the media about his mental approach to the game of golf.

Jordan described how he dealt with all of the pressure of winning by simply focusing on the task of getting the golf ball from the tee box to the hole on the putting surface.

“Aim small. Miss small.” was his answer.

Spieth explained that it can be overwhelming to consider the entire hole all at once. He narrows his focus to something small that he can aim at with his next shot.

By aiming at something small, any miss is likely to be small.

When on the tee box, instead of aiming for the pinhole on the green located hundreds of yards away, Speith might aim for a leaf on a tree somewhere closer to the tee box.

If he misses the smaller target, he won’t have missed the entire hole. He’s still in the game.

It’s a great tactic towards managing an overwhelming project or task. When faced with a big goal, often it seems unachievable. The goal itself may seem like one giant mountain.

However, that mountainous goal is really a series of smaller hills that can be tackled more easily overtime than climbing the bigger mountain in one fell swoop.

Aiming small by trying to climb a smaller hill, will keep you on the mountain, even if you miss achieving the smaller goal of getting over the hill.

Recently, I began to develop content for a website. The project was so overwhelming at times that I would want to procrastinate. Instead, I broke down the various components of the site into smaller tasks, (such as gathering photos for the site, writing a paragraph about my services, etc.) and tackled one step at a time.

I also rewarded myself with each small step taken. For example, after gathering 4 or 5 photos for the website, I took a break and went for a walk with my husband and our dog.

This approach helped relieve the pressure of the overall project and rejuvenated me to continue towards achieving my goal of creating the website.

To conquer the sense of overwhelm, breakdown the bigger goal into smaller, more achievable ones.

Aim small. Miss small. Stay in the game.

Aim Small. Miss Small.

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