Spider - Tight cropI love summer evenings outdoors, don’t you?  Especially this time of year.  I call it “Spiderber” rather than September.

Spiders rule our backyard in Spiderber.  Cobwebs form everywhere!  It’s like watching a program on the Discovery Channel each night from our patio.

One night during an outdoor dinner, I watched in fascination as a spider created a web out of nowhere.  The spider got my attention by dropping down right next to me to anchor.

What happened next caught me by complete surprise.

I became mystified as I watched this spider work to create it’s trap.

Once anchored, the spider worked from the center outward as it expanded.

With each thread of webbing the spider ventured out from the middle of the web, attached to the outer border, then quickly ran the circumference of the web, expanding it bit by bit.  Once the circle was completed, the spider returned to the web’s center to reorient itself.

Once aligned, the spider reached further beyond the endpoint of the web.  From there it raced to lay more webbing around the outer edge.

Again, when the circle was completed, the spider returned to center, realigned, and continued expanding the web.

The spider was working hard to set the trap to catch the food to feed it’s family.  In no time the web was massive awaiting its prey.

Where did the spider go next?  Back to the center, where it sat patiently awaiting its next meal.

What surprised me about watching this process was the lessons it reflected about everyday life.

We all race through our days, working hard, trying to provide for our families.  But how often do we think about what it is we’re actually doing?  We fall into ruts.  Everyday becomes a grind.

Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill, running hard, but not feeling like you’re getting anywhere?

What we often don’t do is return to our center and realign ourselves like the spider does.  In order to expand in our lives, we need to go within ourselves to the place that guides us to what we want to achieve, so we can anchor ourselves in the activities that allow us to expand.

That’s how we gain the courage to grow and try new things.  We just have to reach a little bit further each day in the direction we’re meant to go.  Just like the spider expands its web – bit by bit.

Next time you feel out of sorts, lost, or stuck in a rut, try connecting to the web – not the worldwide web, but a spider’s web!  You’ll be amazed at how you’ll begin to expand in whatever you choose to do.

Connecting to the Web

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