clockRecently, our family went on a road trip across state lines. We went from a state that’s on daylight savings time to a state that never changes the clocks. This time of year these two states are on the same time.

As usual, we stopped at the mid-point just over the state-line to have lunch.

When we returned to our car after lunch, we were surprised by the time shown on the car’s clock. It was an hour later in the day than we’d thought.

For the remainder of our trip, the thought of arriving an hour later than expected was frustrating. Losing that hour of time threw everything off.

We stressed about everything we had to squeeze into the day once we arrived. The more we thought about it, the more frustrated we became, and the longer our trip seemed to be.

After we arrived and were unpacking, I noticed a clock on the wall, showing it was an hour earlier than we had thought.

Then, I noticed another clock also showed it was an hour earlier.

Suddenly, I realized what had happened.

When we crossed the state-line, our car’s automatic clock had adjusted ahead by an hour, because it believed we were in a state that didn’t recognize daylight savings time.

The reality was that both states we were traveling in were on the same time this time of year.

The car clock’s glitch caused us to believe we’d lost an hour of time, when in reality, we hadn’t lost any time at all!

We hadn’t searched for the truth.

During our drive I was wearing a watch and never bothered to check the time. We didn’t even look at our smartphones to confirm the time.

We simply believed that the time on the car’s clock was the right time, allowing our fears about not having enough time grab our attention and overwhelm us.

Without the thought of having lost time, we felt relaxed and stress free.

If we had known the true time during our drive, we would have been able to relax and save ourselves from making a long drive feel even longer.

It was a good reminder that often it’s our thoughts about our circumstances that create the pain and suffering in our lives, not our actual circumstances.

We humans do this all the time.

Not only in our relationship with time, but also with our relationships with others; with our jobs; with our money; and even with ourselves.

Have you ever done that?

Our thoughts can be our own worst enemy. They keep us stuck in what is, instead of being free to imagine what could be.

You can free yourself by simply eliminating the thought. Find what is truer for you.

Replace the original thought that was frustrating you or holding you back with what you know to be true.

All you need to do is search for the truth and dispel the belief.

Lose the thought. Find some peace.

Lost and Found

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