When I was a kid, frozen waffles were introduced with the TV ad slogan, “L’Eggo my Eggo!”

Maybe you remember the TV commercial showing hot waffles popping out of a toaster, as two siblings grabbed the same waffle, held on tight, and wrestled for it.

Recently, while serving up some frozen waffles for breakfast, I decided to modify the “L’Eggo my Eggo!” slogan to my new “L’Eggo my Ego!” mantra.

I’ve learned that most of the pain and misery that pops in my life is self-inflicted, due to my ego getting bruised. But my ego’s perception of real life events often gets it wrong.

Has that ever happened to you?

When it happens to me, I can hang onto my ego’s view of the world, as tightly as siblings grab a hot waffle out of a toaster in a tug-o-war battle for breakfast.

And that’s when the pain and misery starts.

Whenever my perception sets off my ego, I’ll be upset until I can find a way to let go of the thought behind my perception. Until then, I’ll be in a tug-o-war fight with myself that will zap me of precious energy.

Nowadays I can recover in a day or two. But for some people these fights within themselves become marathon sessions lasting months and even years!

When you start to recognize these moments in your own life, think of frozen waffles. Then, remember to “L’Eggo my Ego!”

First, take a closer look at your perceived thoughts that are bruising your ego. It could be, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never succeed”, or “They’re judging me.”

Then, start replacing the thought with the opposite or something else that is more likely to be true. You’ll probably find a few ways to prove your new thought is true.

Instead of your original negative thoughts, you’ll realize, “I am good enough”, “I am successful” or even “I’m judging them”, which just might be true too.

We all have our favorite hit list of negative things we tell ourselves on repeat mode. Become aware of yours. Once you do, you’ll quickly spot them when they pop up.

Next time you’ll end your personal tug-o-war quickly, when you “L’Eggo your Ego!”

Click here, if you’d like me to support you as you learn to let go.

L’Eggo My Eggo!

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