img_3772While relaxing on the back patio this week, we noticed something peering out from underneath the outdoor furniture cover. It was a gecko.

The gecko kept looking from side to side to see if it was OK to come from beneath the tarp.

I found this to be funny, because I’ve spent the better part of the past two years trying to quiet my inner lizard.

“What’s an inner lizard?” you ask?

You’re probably more acquainted with your inner lizard than you may realize.

Martha Beck coined the term “inner lizard” and teaches the concept in her book “Steering by Starlight”.  It’s another way of describing the deepest layers of our brains that first evolved in reptiles. Its purpose is to alert you to danger, so you can protect yourself.

In reptiles and other animals, this fight or flight syndrome serves it’s purpose when danger is present, then it calms down allowing the creature to get on with life.

Unfortunately, we humans haven’t been installed with a button that automatically turns off the fight or flight warning system.

As a result, your reptilian brain is constantly broadcasting your fears on an endless loop in your mind.

Here’s a hit list from RBS (the Reptilian Broadcast System) you might relate to:

“I’m going to lose my job and my house and end up like a bag lady.”

“No one will ever love me. I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.”

“I can’t do that! What if I fail?”

“Someone else is (insert one: better, faster, stronger, more beautiful) than me.”

This inner lizard causes the ambitious, adventurous, happy person inside of you to go dark. You turn away from your deep desires and lose the connection to all that drives your soul. The fear paralyzes you and you get stuck in a rut.

Isn’t it interesting that the gecko is defined as a nocturnal and often vocal lizard, according to the dictionary?

Here’s what I’ve learned. You can quiet your inner lizard by reframing your thoughts.

And when you do, you can send that lizard into hiding under the outdoor furniture tarp, and fearlessly pursue your dreams.

Look Who’s Hiding Now!

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