Just after moving to a new home, Brenda discovered the gas stove didn’t work. Some maintenance had been done prior to her moving in that required the gas to be shut off.

The gas company was supposed to turn the gas back on the previous day, but hadn’t.

The main pilot light was out.

There was no gas to cook with or to take a hot shower.

Interestingly, this occurred at the same time Brenda had also lost the spark in her career.

While everything else in her life was flourishing, Brenda’s passion for her career started to lose its sizzle.

The pilot light had gone out there too.

And in truth, there’s a little bit of self-sabotage that begins to happen when the spark goes out.

Just like the stove wouldn’t cook and the shower water was cold without gas, human behaviors can change indicating a path is fizzling out.

Ever been late to work, taken an extended lunches, or skipped out early for a period of time? Maybe you’ve slacked off giving less than 100%, despite working long hours?

When you’re at a crossroads, it’s a very confusing time. You don’t know where to turn.

There was no shortage of opportunities for advancement. Recruiters called Brenda all the time offering positions within her field.

But something deep in her essential being was telling Brenda it was time for a brand new path. Something entirely different was in store for her.

“But what?” she wondered. She didn’t know.

What she did know was that the opportunities being offered weren’t exciting to her. They filled her with dread.

She turned away the recruiters. Instead Brenda turned within, to herself.

You see, the outside world couldn’t possibly present her with the opportunity she was seeking, until Brenda discovered for herself what sparked her interest.

Then the magic began to happen.

Brenda saw an article in the Sunday paper about a training program in the field of work she wanted to do.

Then she ran into someone who connected her with the job opportunity she’d always wanted. She even discovered the job was with her current employer, just in a different division.

She applied and got the job!

Next time the spark goes out for you, look within yourself first.

You’ll set your life on fire when you do!

Have you Lost the Spark?

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