This year I was privileged to be on the field for football’s biggest game’s halftime show, when Lady Gaga performed. She’s dreamed about performing at the Big Game since she was 4 years old.

Millions of people saw Lady Gaga’s performance on television, as a hundred performers supported her with dance moves and display lights. Maybe you were one of them?

But what you didn’t see was that Lady Gaga gave each supporting performer a single red rose wrapped in cellophane with a tag that simply said “Love, Gaga”.

I discovered this while watching a teenage performer exit the half-time show dressing room cradling her single rose, while wearing a smile on her face and a sparkling twinkle in her eye.

That simple gesture of love and appreciation from Lady Gaga likely encouraged some of those girls and boys to pursue their own dreams, just like she has.

So this year, in honor of Valentine’s Day, extend your appreciation to those you love and those who support you.

When you do, you’ll feel the love Valentine’s Day represents. And so will they.

Who do you appreciate?

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