Sure, you stretch all the time. You stretch your muscles, you stretch your paycheck, and sometimes you might even stretch the truth a bit.

But when was the last time you stretched, I mean REALLY stretched, to reach a goal that seemed wildly impossible to achieve?

That long, huh?

Well, kudos to you if this has happened recently, say within the past year, because it takes a lot of courage to reach for the seemingly impossible dream.

But if you’ve been putting off your dreams for years, or even decades, what’s been holding you back?

The usual suspect, fear?

And how’s that working for you?

Let me guess, you feel like you’re stuck, right?

“But hey, it’s safe here in Stuckville. I’m fine.”, you say.

You tell this to yourself and others, while holed up in your home with your favorite distraction of choice (i.e. social media, binge watching serial TV, or nursing your favorite food or beverage, just to name a few).

And the years (or even decades) pass in Stuckville.

It’s time to move to Stretchville. It’s just the next town over, so it’s not that big of a move.

In Stretchville, you can begin to get over your fear by taking small steps, like exploring the new town, meeting new people, seeing what jobs are available, or trying a new adventure.

Stretchvillians are very welcoming people who love to expand their circle of friends, increase their knowledge base, and explore new things. They’ve all achieved at least one of their dreams.

And they are some of the most confident people on the planet! There is nothing they won’t try at least once.

So start putting in your request to transfer from Stuckville to Stretchville, where your wildly impossible dreams are waiting for you to embrace them!

Feeling the Need to Stretch?

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