(by the FBE)





The Federal Bureau of Enlightenment (“FBE”) asks your help in apprehending The Hectic Lifestyle.



  1. Kidnapping the tools of enjoyment (i.e. cameras, musical instruments, art supplies, dance shoes, etc.) and holding them hostage deep in the cluttered closets, drawers, attics and basements of citizens throughout the world;
  2. Leaving victims without time to play; and
  3. Disorienting them from their souls.


Length: 24 Hours

Weight: Heavy

Complexion: Dark

Last Seen: Today. Often found traveling in packs of days, weeks, months and sometimes years.

Disguised as: Anything done to please others above self.


Victims of these crimes are asked to spend time forgiving themselves for being charmed by The Hectic Lifestyle; it’s like an addictive drug, after all. The FBE knows it wasn’t your intention to allow this criminal to run free for so long.

The FBE recommends victims begin healing by rescuing their enjoyment tools from entrapment and showing them the light of day.

  • Send light through your camera lens.
  • Fill your musical instruments with the breath of life and soothe them with the touch of your fingertips.
  • Paint the beauty seen through your window of the world.
  • Let your toe shoes dance.

The FBE believes once victims reclaim the joy in their lives, The Hectic Lifestyle will be incarcerated with a lifelong sentence.

Want to combat a hectic life?

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