children-839789_640Recently, I was sitting at a local coffee shop and overheard the conversation of two men at the next table.

One man said he read that the price of a lifelong friend is $100,000. He told his friend that includes all the time and activities that went into building the friendship.

Immediately, my mind was filled with all my memories of my own lifelong friend.

I remembered all of the times we ice skated together after school, the code words we used to signal that our childhood crushes were nearby, and the string of letters we wrote to one another as teenage pen pals after I had moved away.

Then I recalled the laughter we shared over our most embarrassing moments, the hours we spent walking the beach looking for sea glass, and the times we picked each other up after our hearts were crushed or a loved one was lost.

I remembered celebrating the milestones in our lives and our vacations together on both coasts.

For decades we have shared our lives, our laughter, and more than a few bottles of wine together.

We always pick up where we left off, even if we haven’t spoken in months. We can finish each others sentences.

Our friendship is a gift that I treasure always.  It’s value increases with time.

Suddenly, I wanted to interrupt the two men conversing at the next table and tell them,

“No!  The value of a lifelong friend is priceless!”

Instead, I decided to contact my very own lifelong friend, and tell her how priceless her friendship was to me.

Instantly, the warmth of our friendship was returned to me.

She’s not my only lifelong friend. I’m blessed to have many lifelong friends.

When my friend heard this story, she realized that if we placed a $100,000 value on each of our lifelong friendships, we’d truly be millionaires!

Sadly, I have come across some people who are worth several million dollars, yet are bankrupt in their friendships and relationships.

Have you got a lifelong friend?

Let them know they are priceless and you’ll both feel like a million bucks!


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